New Pallet JKNWP108 | 1200mm x 800mm | Load Capacity 750kg.

  • Suitable for goods up to 750kg capacity.

  • Available as heat treated to ISPM15 recognised standard

  • Delivery throughout the UK

  • Sourced from sustainable wood




This New wooden pallet is suitable for handling heavy goods up to 750kg capacity. Available in standard and as heat treated to ISPM15 regulations.

Wooden pallets are affordable compared to metal and more environmentally friendly than plastic pallets. Wooden pallets' quality, durability and strength means they can hold heavier and bulkier loads with ease. Repairing wooden pallets is quick and easy, usually a hammer and some nails will do the job and you don't need to be a joiner to handle this type of repair. Wooden pallets can be recycled and JK Pallets has its own recycling facility ensuring irreparable pallets do not go to landfill. Wooden pallets have a high level of friction that helps these pallets stay in place without slipping with the goods during transportation.

Additional information

Load Capacity



Heat Treated, Untreated


1, 640


1200 x 800mm