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Kiln drying is used to reduce the moisture content in the wood. Pallets are stacked inside large heating chambers (kilns), and then heated slowly to evaporate excess moisture. It is a type of curing process following a sophisticated programme which prevents distortion of the timber as it dries.

The objective is moisture reduction not pest eradication. The standard to which pallets are dried will vary depending on their intended end use. As a kiln accredited operator the service will be tailored to customer requirements.

Drying cycle times vary because living trees (standing timber) contain a large amount of water which varies between species. The moisture content will also change from season to season in standing timber and will vary between different parts of the tree such as the sapwood and the heartwood. The water is held in the cellular structure of the wood, which is made up of cell cavities and cell walls.


  • Reduce susceptibility to moulds and fungal decay and increase the life of pallets
  • Meet manufacturing specifications which require a maximum of 22% moisture content
  • Reduce shrinkage after delivery to users
  • Eliminate water damage to goods such as pharmaceutical, food and drink customers
  • Maximise strength, since mechanical properties of timber start to increase as it dries below 28% moisture content
  • Make empty pallets easier to move by hand, since kiln dried timber is lighter than green undried timber
  • Reduces corrosion of nails and metal fixings

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